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All converged solutions are not created equal

The appeal of converged infrastructure is compelling. Delivering multiple datacenter services (e.g. storage, networking, compute) in a single, integrated solution should make IT operations more efficient. This is the VCE promise. The harsh reality, however, is that simply “converging” off-the-shelf hardware components into a 42U or 24U rack does not yield the long-term efficiency gains needed by datacenter teams. Real converged infrastructure needs to be built from ground-up to meaningfully simplify IT.

Nutanix delivers a 100% software-driven, natively converged solution that radically streamlines how datacenters are built and managed. Storage and compute resources are delivered in a space-efficient, economical 2U scale-out appliance.

Vblock pre-cabling and packaging does not reduce IT complexity

Integration risk is a reality in any datacenter environment. Taking products from different vendors and getting them work together is rarely straightforward, or without headaches. It’s easy then to understand the appeal of Vblock: A pre-engineered, pre-cabled system that is delivered to your datacenter, ready for operation.

Unfortunately, while integration risk is mitigated, Vblock customers still inherit the complexity of traditional datacenter architectures. For example, provisioning a new datastore, or increasing storage capacity of the system, remain time-consuming efforts that require specialized IT skills.

Nutanix solutions deliver genuine IT simplicity by integrating storage and compute resources into a 100% software-based architecture. Convergence is built in – not bolted on.

Converged solutions should take days to deploy - not the months required by Vblock

IT doesn’t stand still. But Vblock comes close. First, weeks to determine the specific requirements and gather detailed information about the environment. Then, at least 45 days to assemble the infrastructure in a VCE factory. Finally, another week or more for installation and deployment. After months of planning and waiting, the Vblock infrastructure is ready to deliver applications to the business.

How can you do better? Nutanix delivers converged infrastructure in 4 to 5 days that can be up and running in just hours.

Other Considerations

  • Nothing about Vblock management is converged. Single pane of glass is a requirement.
  • Proof of concept (PoC) testing must be an option before purchasing

Vblock overprovisioning will destroy your datacenter budget

Massive overprovisioning is standard in nearly all Vblock deployments. Why? First, it’s costly and time consuming to add Vblock capacity in the future, so VCE recommends that you provision more resources than you actually need – just like legacy architectures. Additionally, Vblock performance is unpredictable at high scale. The more capacity you use, the slower the performance. To play it safe, you just buy more Vblock and pay the extra cost.

Nutanix eliminates datacenter overprovisioning. Period. Simply purchase and deploy the number of Nutanix servers you need today. Additional capacity can be added one server at a time, economically - with zero downtime. Pay As You Grow flexibility for building private clouds.

Lengthy Vblock deployment schedules doom critical IT projects

To keep up with the accelerating pace of business, enterprise IT has to be more agile than ever. Months to plan, purchase, build and test infrastructure for delivering new services and applications is unacceptable. But with Vblock, it’s unavoidable. Even by outsourcing infrastructure assembly to VCE, it still takes months before the business can benefit new infrastructure investment. Few IT projects can tolerate such delays. Nutanix infrastructure is delivered in days, and fully configured in just an hour or two. Nutanix puts IT projects back on track.

If it takes multiple teams to manage Vblock, it’s not really converged

VCE claims convergence. Racking and cabling different hardware devices, from different vendors, does – arguably - provide a minimal level of convergence. But what about the management of those devices? With Vblock, servers, storage and networking resources are still managed separately. Truth: If it takes multiple IT teams to manage, scale and troubleshoot the infrastructure, then it is not truly converged.

Nutanix, with its intuitive, consumer-grade Prism UI, provides unified management for all infrastructure resources. One team, or even one person, can manage a large datacenter built with Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform.

Other Considerations

  • Don’t buy a $500,000 Vblock to start your convergence project
  • Spending $100,000s on Vblock configuration and installation services is a crime
  • Vblock will not support next-gen technologies

Expanding Vblock server or storage capacity, or updating software, should not require downtime – but it does

Datacenter growth is a given. Accommodating this growth should, however, should never impact the availability of business-critical services. Too often though, expanding Vblock capacity requires system downtime, which impairs application availability and frustrates users. The same is true with software updates - more risk to infrastructure availability.

Nutanix is different. Server and storage capacity can be added without limit, and with zero downtime. Software updates? Again – zero downtime.

Tapping unused Vblock capacity should never degrade performance – but it does

There’s no denying it. Performance matters. Unfortunately for Vblock customers, application performance suffers as the deployment grows. VCE’s own reference architectures lay this bare. In a medium-scale VDI installation, increasing user count from 768 to 1536 (just a 2x increase) drops performance 15% across the board. So much for that unused Vblock capacity that you think you have.

Nutanix web-scale technologies provide 100% linear scalability, with no performance penalty. Compute, storage and storage controller resources are added proportionately so there are never system bottlenecks. You get predictable, high performance at any scale.

Vblock troubleshooting shouldn’t require multiple teams – but it does

Similar to the legacy technologies from which they are built , Vblock systems require frequent troubleshooting. And the Vblock architecture does not make it easy, for example, to determine the root cause of a failure, or to pinpoint the source of a performance bottleneck. Identifying such issues and finding the right resolution requires multiple teams.

Nutanix makes troubleshooting simpler. With our Prism management interface, datacenter managers get a complete view of all server, virtualization and storage resources – historically and in real-time. Rich analytics and detailed instrumentation make it easy to correlate system events with VM performance and availability to fully understand issues, and to quickly remedy problems.

Other Considerations

  • Vblock puts Pay As You Grow completely out of reach
  • No more expensive VCE services to re-configure, update software and add capacity

Vblock is missing the web-scale technologies needed to slash capital and operating costs

All Vblock systems are assembled with legacy, off-the-shelf components. They do not incorporate the advanced technologies that are powering the leading cloud and web datacenters around the world. With no real innovation to shrink system footprint or to streamline system administration, Vblock deployments can be twice as expensive as a comparable Nutanix solution, and require 3x the on-going operational costs.

Nutanix converged infrastructure is built with advanced web-scale technologies and architectures that deliver greater simplicity, more economical scaling, seamless capacity expansion and greater system resiliency than any Vblock.

IT success requires predictable performance at any scale. Vblock can’t deliver

Capacity planning is an inexact science. It’s extraordinarily difficult to forecast how much server, storage and networking capacity you will need at any point in the future. What you do know is that high performance - predictable performance - is a requirement at all times. Unfortunately, Vblock users are forced to trade-off performance at scale. VCE-published performance testing plainly document that a 2x increase in capacity utilization drops performance by as much as 15%.

Nutanix delivers 100% linear performance at any scale, so it is straightforward to predict future performance, as well as infrastructure costs. You get predictable and high performance at any scale.

Workload migration must be simple and fast

Ready to upgrade from Vblock to Nutanix converged infrastructure? The Vblock-to-Nutanix Migration Service provides a customized, on-site assessment of existing vBlock environments, leading to a comprehensive plan for migrating virtual workloads to Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Experienced datacenter and virtualization consultants characterize all workloads running on Vblock infrastructure to determine exact resource consumption patterns, service level agreements (SLAs) and application-specific infrastructure requirements.

This information is then used to develop a detailed migration plan for all virtual workloads in the environment, with focus on maximizing service availability during the infrastructure cutover, and improving overall performance and availability SLAs.

Other Considerations

  • Vblock will block your hybrid cloud ambitions
  • Truly efficient IT requires on-demand, fractional consumption. Vblock can’t deliver
  • Vblock can’t run all workloads and all hypervisors

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